After two very nice stops with great wind (Austria and Germany) at the beginning of this season we unfortunately had two stops without wind. One was on my homespot, the Brouwersdam, and I just came home from the 4th stop in France where we also didn’t have enough wind for freestyle.

The fourth stop of the Kitesurf Tour Europe was in La Baule, France. We decided to go a few days earlier because the forecast was pretty good. We arrived sunday evening, the wind was really strong and we couldn’t wait to go kitesurfing the next morning. The next days we had some really nice sessions, but on the first day of the competition the wind was gone. So the four days of the event we were doing some other stuff like playing golf, doing some wakeboarding and having some fun at the party’s. And guess what; the first day after the competition the wind was back!! But hey, that’s kitesurfing..

At the moment I’m back home and I just booked everything for my trip this winter, can’t wait to go. It’s already getting colder her, haha. But first we have the Dutch National Championship this weekend or the 20th/21st of October. After that we have the last stop of the KTE close to Barcelona, Spain. I’m really excited to there because at the moment I have second place. Let’s pray for the wind there. Right after Spain I’m going to Brazil, do you have some nice plans to escape the cold winter as well?