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Samen met Natural High organiseer ik in augustus de AN THE LOUS – huiskamer sessie. Dit is een unieke freestyle clinic voor chicks die hun kitesurf skills naar een next level willen brengen. Een hele dag vol kiten, video analyse, tips and tricks en fun. We sluiten af met een bbq en een lekker drankje op het strand van de Brouwersdam, mijn huiskamer!

Zorg dat je er bij bent en schrijf je nu in via de Facebook app van Natural High:





Check out this video where I tell about the board I’m riding. It’s the perfect balance between a comfortable ride and amazing freestyle performance.

Pictures by Andy Troy // www.andytroy.nl/




After 3 weeks of training we were ready for the world cup in Egypt. Since there are so many girls competing this year, there are trials for the girls who are not in top 6. Kristiin and Malin both proved their level matches with the best girls and made it to the main event. In the end Kristiin and Malin both ended up on a really nice 7th place and for me this was a really special event because I managed to get on the podium for the first place.

Hope you like the video showing our experience at the fourth world cup of the year!

Gypsies On Tour – E4 PKRA Egypt from Annelous Lammerts on Vimeo.


Episode 3 from Gypsies on Tour takes you through a regular day in Soma Bay, Egypt. We had wind pretty much everyday and had an amazing time at the BigDayz boat.

Gypsies On Tour – E3 On a Boat from Annelous Lammerts on Vimeo.


After the PKRA world cup in Egypt I went straight to Tarifa in the south of Spain for the Masters of Kiteboard. The wind was good, the people were very nice and there was a great atmosphere on the beach during the event. I was happy with my riding and really happy to get second place. Can’t wait to go back to this great place! In September we will have a world cup here, so this was definitely a good practice.




Soooooo stoked on my first podium place, still can’t believe it! Had an amazing 3 weeks of training in Egypt and could end better than becoming 3rd at the PKRA world cup in Soma Bay. Thanks everyone for the support!

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Right after the PKRA in France, we left to Egypt to train for next PKRA world cup. First days the wind didn’t really show up so we decided to check out the new cable park in El Gouna.

El Gouna Sliders Cable Park has two full round cables – clockwise and anticlockwise, which is pretty rare and so perfect for training. We really enjoyed the chilled atmosphere, good vibes and nice people around. This cable makes Egypt a perfect place to spend your time, wind or no wind.

Peace and love,


Gypsies On Tour – E2 Lovin’ the Cable! from Annelous Lammerts on Vimeo.


We arrived to France 2 days before the PKRA world cup started, to try out the conditions. Our friend Malin Amle decided to join us on our way. The wind in Leucate was traditionally strong going up to 50 knots. We were sharing a small flat in Port Leucate, around 15 minutes drive from La Franqui, where the competition was held. We had such a funny time hitchhiking to the spot and back.

The competition was really tough as we were riding our smallest kites overpowered. Kristiin ended up on 7th place and Annelous on 5th place.

In the next episode, we escape from strong wind to next destination for some cable and kite action, STAY TUNED! Dailey updates at facebook.com/AnnelousL and instagram.com/Annelous

Gypsies On Tour – E1 PKRA Leucate from Annelous Lammerts on Vimeo.

GYPSIES ON TOUR – E0 The Beginning

Kristiin Oja (Estiona, Kitesurf Tour Asia Champion 2013) and me started with really cool video project, called Gypsies on Tour. We met in Brazil while training in winter, we shared the same dream, competing in PKRA World Tour. We didn’t really have enough sponsors back then to go for whole tour, but we decided not to give up our dream and do it together – that’s why we call ourselves Gypsies On Tour. With this video project we will try to give you some insight into our lifestyle, traveling and kiting. We will upload one episode per week, not only showing kiteboarding, but showing you the reality, how it really is.

First episode dropping next week! Daily updates from #GypsiesOnTour at Facebook

Gypsies On Tour – E0 The Beginning from Annelous Lammerts on Vimeo.


Last week we were in Leucate for the 3rd world cup of the PKRA world tour. Leucate is famous for the Tramontana wind that gets up to 50 knots. The day of the registration the wind was blowing up to 40 knots and I was powered on a 4.5m RPM which I could borrow from Natural High for this event.


I was super happy that I managed to become 4th in the single elimination, the conditions were really rough and it was hard to land good tricks.

Unfortunately, in the double elimination I lost my heat so I ended up 5th at the world cup in France. It was a good experience to compete in wind that is so strong and gusty and I will definitely come back next year. At the moment I’m in Egypt, training for the next tourstop. With a perfect kitespot at the BigDayz.com station at Soma Bay and an amazing cable park at El Gouna this is the place to be! www.elgounacable.com


KiteSista Meets: Annelous Lammerts

Whilst in Morocco last month we met a lovely girl over dinner the first night we arrived. Neither of us knew each other but she was just one of those people who is instantly warm, friendly and gives you a really positive feeling when talking to them.

So, as is customary, before we went to bed we asked her what her name was, to which she replied Annelous.

To those of you who were not as quick as us at putting two and two together, Annelous Lammerts is one of the top female riders on the PKRA circuit and one of only a very small group able at the moment to challenge the dominance of Gisela, Bruna and Karolina, yet as we spent the next 12 days with her throughout the PKRA stage in Dakhla we learn’t that she is also a shining example of character in our sport. Hard working, humble and happy.

So, now it is our great pleasure to introduce you to Annelous Lammerts.

KSm: Hi Annelous, thank you for taking the time to talk to us. Can you tell our readers a little bit more about you? 

Annelous: I’m 20 years old and living in the south-west of The Netherlands. My homespot is the Brouwersdam where I started kiteboarding 4 years ago. When I’m at home I’m working in the kiteshop Natural High where I started working 3 years ago. The past 3 winters I have been travelling to warm kite destinations and in summer I work and travel around for the competitions….

Read more at: http://www.kitesista.com/kitesista-meets-annelous-lammerts/

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The second tourstop was at Dakhla, Marocco. I went a week before the event to train and get used to the conditions. I had a great stay at the Spirit camp. The Spirit camp is definitely the best place to stay, thanks to a perfect lagoon with flat water right in front of the camp. Check dakhlaspirit.com !

The conditions during the competition were hard, the strong and gusty wind made all the riders compete on their small kites. In the end I was really happy with my 5th place. Next stop is PKRA Leucate!


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