Double Silver At Worldcup Germany

The biggest event of the year, Sankt Peter Ording in Germany, took place from the 21st till the 30th of August. The first thing that comes to my mind when I look back is; “WOOOW”


I still can’t believe that I won the silver medal in both freestyle and slalom. Especially in the freestyle division it has been a pretty tough year. The level is higher that ever and all the qualified girls can make it to the podium. This year I had two fourth and two fifth places and I was really dreaming about a podium place. Last year I had a few third places, but I never made it to the top two. To make it at the biggest event of the year and at the same time the one closest to home was incredible. What a gift to be able to celebrate with my family, best friends and sponsors who were all present at the event.


The wind in Germany was super good and we were competing every day, with light wind in slalom and with strong wind in freestyle. In round 1 of the freestyle I became second, and when I saw I would be up against Paula Novotna in round 2 I was really nervous. Paula has been kicking my ass a few times this season and she is riding more powered and consistent than ever. The waves where huge and the wind was strong for my 7m Slingshot Fuel, but I managed to land some good tricks and take the win against Paula.


My next heat in round 3 was against current world champion Karolina Winkowska. The past two years I have been riding quite some heat against here but I never managed to win. I changed my game plan and went for the all or nothing strategy. Just before my heat I changed to a bigger kite to be able to go a bit bigger but at the same time I was taking the risk to crash more. I was landing my tricks and in the last minutes of the heat I took of for a backmobe against a wave and landed my highest scoring trick ever, a 8,98! It was very close but my last trick just made the difference and I advanced to the semi final.


In the semi final I was up against Annabel van Westerop. The wind picked up again and we were both very powered on our smallest kites. I managed to win the heat and made it to my first world cup final ever!!! What a dream. In the final it was Gisela Pulido, 9x world champion, landing more tricks than me and taking the win for the event. But for me it felt like I won the most!


With double silver in the end, this is definitely my best event so far. It was such a good feeling to be back on the freestyle podium for the first time this year and I am really motivated for more!!