GYPSIES ON TOUR – E0 The Beginning

Kristiin Oja (Estiona, Kitesurf Tour Asia Champion 2013) and me started with really cool video project, called Gypsies on Tour. We met in Brazil while training in winter, we shared the same dream, competing in PKRA World Tour. We didn’t really have enough sponsors back then to go for whole tour, but we decided not to give up our dream and do it together – that’s why we call ourselves Gypsies On Tour. With this video project we will try to give you some insight into our lifestyle, traveling and kiting. We will upload one episode per week, not only showing kiteboarding, but showing you the reality, how it really is.

First episode dropping next week! Daily updates from #GypsiesOnTour at Facebook

Gypsies On Tour – E0 The Beginning from Annelous Lammerts on Vimeo.