I am super happy that since September 2016 I am riding for Cabrinha. Cabrinha is one of the leaders in kiteboarding since they started in 2000 and the kites will help me improve my riding. For freestyle I will be riding the Chaos, the high preformance C-shape, and for foiling, surfing and freeriding I will be using the Switchblade. The Switchblade is the best allround kite on the market and especially a golden match with the double agent, the board that can be used for foiling and as surfboard. Visit the website if you want to know more about these kites!



Brunotti RDP logo

Brunotti is an international surfing and lifestyle brand. The brand develops and markets collections for young and active people: inspired by our riders all over the world. They started up in 1979, so many years of experience.

I have been riding the Brunotti Boards since the beginning and I have always loved their boards. Since 2015 they also produce high-end wetsuits and other hardware, using only the best materials out there! Make sure to check all the products and clothing online. Maltem is 


MALTEM Consulting is a company specialized in organization and information system management in financial, banking and insurance environments and more recently in the energy, telecoms and media domains also.

With offices in Paris, Lille, Brussels, Luxembourg, Singapore, Shanghai and Hong Kong, MALTEM Consulting provides customers with turnkey solutions, from a strategic approach to the operational implementation of organisations and IT systems, constantly seeking to create value.