1st place at the Kite Mansion Open

Stoked to win the third and final stop of the Kite Park League, the Kite Mansion Open here in Brazil!! 🇧🇷⚡️ Super happy that I could showcase my best riding and take the win at my home park and of course a big congrats to Ramiro gallart for winning his first Kite Park League event! Thanks to Sam & Nico from the Kite Mansion Tremembe in helping us putting up this event and of course the biggest thanks to Alex Maes who came up with the idea to organize the KPL final here and made it happen. I’m proud of everything you did, and of your hard work and progression. You absolutely killed the park even though you didn’t get the result you were hoping for. SO proud of what we have build here and already plenty of ideas for next year. But first a bit of rest after an amazing intense week and of course the most epic closing party!

Also a massive congrats to the two 2018 KPL CHAMPIONS Brandon Scheid & Karolina Winkowska!

Thanks to all the riders that came to support our first event that had only a small budget but a lot of passion, this is the KPL spirit! Thanks to our amazing media crew Laci Kobulský & Andre Magarao, the judges Alexander & Craig and all the volunteers and the local kite crew! Without you it wouldn’t have been possible.

All photos by Andre Magarao