1st Place Kite Clash

After the Triple S Invitational I traveled to the other side of the USA, to Hood River to ride in the Slider Project kite park and spends some time before the next stop of the Kite Park League. We rented a van and we decided to do a road trip up to Sqaumish, Canada to participate in the Kite Clash, an international kiteboarding competition.

We had an amazing time there, the locals were so friendly and welcoming and we cannot wait to go back to this beautiful place. Thanks again to everyone involved in organizing the Kite Clash.

1st place freestyle
1st place slalom
2nd place big air

2nd Place Triple S Invitational

The Triple S invitational is the biggest tour stop of the Kite Park League. We got some amazing conditions and everyone was pushing it to the next level. All the girls were riding insanely good and I was super happy to get second place and make my first ever podium at the Triple S!!