Worldcup Venezuela

Two weeks ago I left to Venezuela for the second tourstop of the VKWC, the Virgin Kitesurf World Championships. As usual I packed all my kite gear, some Brunotti bikini’s and a lot of wool to continue working for our new Beanie collection. I was super excited to go to Venezuela, a place I have never been before. It was time to ‘explore’ some, for me, ‘unknown shores’.


Unfortunately, the trip didn’t start like I hoped. One of my bags was left behind in Amsterdam and the first night I arrived on the island I got a food poisoning. Luckily, I was feeling a lot better on the first day of the competition and I could borrow the small kites that I was missing from a Slingshot teammate.


Wind every day, butter flat water and tropical weather make the spot Isla de Coche one of the best places in the world for freestyle kiteboarding. This perfect conditions make the level incredibly high and I was really stoked to get a fourth place in freestyle and a third place in big air.


The next competition will start on the 11th of July in Tarifa, Spain. Until then I will train as hard as possible to improve my riding and so I can fight for a podium place at the next event again. Tomorrow you can find Belle and me at the Brouwersdam, working hard to progress!

20150610 Juan Santiago Monteverde_-16

Watch the video from this crash HERE

Dutch National Championship

On May 30 we had the first stop of the Dutch National Championship in the North of the Netherlands, Workum. The forecast was showing some typical Dutch weather; strong wind and a lot of rain.


Although we needed to hide for the heavy hail stoms a couple of times, we had mostly no rain and were able to run both the men and women freestyle on one day! The level in the Netherlands is really high, so I was happy that it all worked out with my very tight schedule and I was able to be in the Netherlands to compete in the Nationals. This was right after the Brunotti RDP launch, so it was my first competition riding in my new wetsuit and on my new board. Soon the whole collection will be online.


I managed to win all my heats and I was very stoked to take the win.


Publication in Dutch newspaper Telegraaf: