So many new places, lovely people and countless memories during our 5 weeks roadtrip.


We started in Belgium, spend a few days in La Source cable parc in Toulouse/France on our way to the kitesurf worldchampionships in Tarifa/Spain. After that we went for a day to the cable parc in Barcelona to take the ferry in the night for a week of kiting, eating pizza and having too much fun in Sardinia! Watch my to video diaries about our endless roadtrip.

Today with Lous – E05 Endless Roadtrip pt 1 from Annelous Lammerts on Vimeo.

Today with Lous – E06 Endless Roadtrip pt 2 from Annelous Lammerts on Vimeo.

Thanks to Alex, Gemma, Svetlana and everyone else for the good vibes and priceless moments

Worldcup Tarifa

From the 11th until the 19th of July we had the fourth world cup of the season in Tarifa, Spain. I have been training the whole winter in Tarifa and it feels like my second home so I was thrilled to compete there. We had a week full of action and I ended up with both a 5th place in freestyle and a 5th place in big air. Here a little photo report

Registration on the 10th of July

A backmobe at the competition spot, Balneaorio during one of my Freestyle heats
VKWC Tarifa backmobe

Jumping as high as possible during the big air competition, the judges score the jumps 70% on height and 30% on technical difficulty

The water was super flat, but with wind gusts over 30 knots it was pretty challenging to land all your freestyle tricks
VKWC Tarifa BJ

After two weeks in Tarifa it was time for a new adventure

The roadtrip continues

New Website SiS


Recently we published our new website www.seaissnow.nl

On the website you can find all our new products from the summer collection SALT. At the same time we are working hard to make sure we have some very nice beanies again for this winter.

Sea is Snow is a project I started together with Belle Schipper to finance our dream to of becoming a professional kiteboarder. We started with making and selling our handmade beanies and we are very proud that within a year we already expanded with this great summer collection. Take a look at our new products and choose your treasure!